Nature Connection Groups start every new moon and last for 1 moon cycle. Each group has its own name according to the full moon names given by the Native Americans.

You experience the benefits of Forest Therapy at home while being supported through online meetings and online guidance.

5 wilderness meditations from the Norwegian mountains (Vassfaret)
5 online Calls (via Zoom)
5 paper Activities
5 sensory Experiences
1 moon cycle dedicated to Nature


About the wilderness meditations:

The guided meditations will be accessible via a private facebook group. You can rewatch/relisten to them as often as you wish.


About the zoom calls:

Internet access is required. You will receive a link to join the Zoom calls. If you have not worked with zoom before, notify me well in advance so that we can do a test run.
We meet as a group 5 times on zoom for 30-60 minutes depending on the number of participants. We all have a lot of screen time in our life. During this Nature Connection Group you will be spending more time outside than on the calls!

About your time in Nature:

You are totally flexible to adjust your nature time in time and distance so it fits your daily life and your personal needs/conditions. You live in a city? You are stuck at home? No problem, even better so that you make an effort to connect with nature. Use your home plants, your balcony or garden. Or find a park, a batch of trees or a river bend nearby. That will do. You'll receive guidance and inspirations on how to spend your nature time.

About Tele - Forest Therapy Walk:

During the Group you get 2 hours of a fully guided Forest Therapy Walk by me. We connect via phone (EU) or whatsapp on a date/time of your choice.


Spend more time outside -> which is proven to be healthy,

Have deeper nature connection experiences -> which Forest Therapy provides for,
Feel the support of your group -> which is essential to make nature time a regular and playful practice.

No previous knowledge of Forest Therapy necessary.


Participation in a Nature Connection Group: 1500 NOK / 150 EUR / 180 USD

Max. number of participants: 5 !  Groups tend to be fully booked, so reserve your spot in time!

Info & Booking:

Language: English

(translation into German or Norwegian can be provided)