How does it work?
- We have a 5-10 minutes call (phone, zoom, whatsapp, skype...) During that call we will find out what your question to the Forest is through a guided meditation.
- I will take your question with me on a solo Forest Therapy walk and listen to the forest.
- You will receive a recorded voice message of approx. 15-20 minutes (and pictures taken during the walk, if booked additionally) where I tell you what happened in the forest and what I received from the forest. I translate this into an answer for you. 

- We have a 10-15 minutes call to round the session up, to go into more detail if needed.


What question can I ask?
- Any kind of question is welcome. However, the question has to come from your heart/soul/inner self (whatever you may call it) and not from your mind. So you can`t plan your question beforehand, I work with what arises during the meditation.


What kind of answer do I get?
- The answers vary to a great degree. They can be very concrete, detailed, they can be abstract, metaphoric. Often I tell a little story, and one or two aspects or details hit the button for you. Some answers reveal themselves only a bit later, some are clear and spot on instantly. However, I cannot foresee what happens, as it is not me who answers, I just catch the forest’s whispering.


Do I need previous experience with Forest Therapy, Meditation or similar?

- No. If you are familiar with meditation, it is nice. If not, no problem, I will guide you. The only requisite that is helpful is to trust the Wisdom of Nature, to be open to things happening “outside the box”, beyond the normal mindset.

1 Whispering Session: 790 NOK

+ Photo Package: 150 NOK

Languages: English, Norwegian, German

Info & Booking:

WELCOME! I am looking forward to bring Nature`s Wisdom to you in this unique way.

You ask. The Forest answers. I listen.


An innovative way of making Nature's wisdom accessible to you. You have a question (about anything in your life), I take it with me on a solo Forest Therapy Walk, and will bring Nature's answer back to you.

"I did not know what to expect when trying Forest Whispering, but it turned out to be a really magical experience. Hearing Rachana giving back what she recieved from the forest was heartwarming and had a deeply symbolic meaning for me in a very unexpected way." (Client, 13.10.2019)

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